What’s On #5: Phone types, Sandwiches, Galaxy Tab, Digital life

What’s On is our weekly article on everything we found interesting or just made us laugh in the past few days. For this fifth edition, we have stayed true to our geek side with a comic strip on phone users type and some news on Samsung’s new device the Galaxy Tab.

iPhone VS Android VS Blackberry

You probably have had this happening to you a thousand times, you friend talks about how good his phone is, you reply on the advantages of yours, he continues on the flaws that you haven’t mentionned… and it goes on and on.
Well the guys at C-Section Comics got inspired by that and designed this pretty clever comic strip comparing phone users from different perspective.

15 sandwiches from around the world

Stumble upon this article while reading the tweets of @NatGeoSociety, and we got pretty amazed at all those types of sandwiches that we didn’t know existed.

I could easily have an English Chip Butty right now:

Have a look at all 12 sandwiches on the National Geographic Blog.

Galaxy Tab is coming to Australia

It was announce during the summer and since then we have seen pictures and videos pop around, the Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is coming. We always do our best to have our games ready for any new device that comes out, and this is going to be true for the Galaxy Tab too.

Have a look at 3 of those games:

Jordan’s life

If the first thing you do when you wake up is checking your emails on your phone, if you spend your bus ride playing games, if you tweet while you are walking, or if you have check 3 of your social networks before reading this article, there’s a great chance you’ll relate to this video.

Have a great weekend guys :)

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