Win! The Adventures of Tintin – Closed

“One of the best and most imaginative film tie-ins I’ve played for years” – PocketGamer

“By far one of the most complete gameplay experiences you can find on iOS” – Touch Gen

Since its launch The Adventures of Tintin The Game has received raving reviews from all around the world.
If you haven’t picked up this awesome adventure game, playing as Tintin and his trusty sidekick, Snowy, it is available for both iOS and Android devices:
– You can get it for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch on the iTunes Store
– and for Android smartphones and tablets the game is on Google Play for Android

To celebrate the release of this awesome adventure in DVD we are giving you the chance to win 10 The adventures of Tintin DVDs.

In order to participate in the contest and have a chance to be one of the 10 lucky winners of our Tintin packs, leave as a comment to this post your best answer to this question:
“In one famous scene of the movie our heroes are stranded offshore on a boat with nothing much to help them. Apart from water and food what are the 3 items that you’d like to have in such situation? “

We will pick the 10 best answers among all contestants. Contest ends April 23rd, you can participate as many time as you wish but only one winner per postal address, and is limited to Australian and New  Zealand residents.

Good luck to all :)


Congrats to all on your great submissions!
Without further ado, here are the 10 winners. Each of them getting a copy of the just released The Adventures of Tintin DVD!
(Winners will be contacted  individually)

Gameloft Fan
Arlene Smith


  • Narelle Rock

    I would love to have sunscreen, my ipod and a spear for fishing!

  • kattie young

    matches,blanket, knife!

  • Kieran

    3? Who needs 3? I'd just take Bear Grylls!

  • Oskar Backent

    a bucket (to make sandcastles), a spade and some matches to start a fire! 😀

  • Rae Graham

    My mobile phone to call the coastguard!,Leonardo de caprio to save me if they don't get there in time!,a flare to alert them of they do!

  • Matt

    1- TV
    2- Couch
    3- Fridge with beers

  • Alex

    1.a horse to get there faster
    2.a compass
    3.and a friend

  • phillip esparon

    i would take
    3)swiss army pocketknife

  • Sim

    1. iPhone to call for help and then entertain me while I wait.
    2. Knife
    3. Flint

  • Craig

    1. Pendulum – Professor Calculus relies on this mysterious object to guide him when something strange is going on
    2. Flask of whiskey – for dire emergencies such as this! Required for survival! (if you are a sea captain, that is)
    3. Hair gel – because the tuft of hair makes you awesome!

  • Daniel T

    1. Satellite Phone
    2. GPS
    3. Solar charger 😉

  • bill c

    my android to play the tintin the game, satellite Internet receiver for calling for rescue/backup, and a Gameloft supersized logo to attract attention (bet its very effective!)

  • Kevin

    A flare to attraction attention, matches to start a fire and Snowy the dog to help me with a plan c.

  • bill c

    Guys, just to remind you that you are trapped on a boat, not an island, s there is no sand castles :)

  • Gameloft Fan

    I would only need one thing, Kony, because apparently the whole world is looking for him.

  • Sami

    1. An iPhone with 3G connection
    2. Barack Obama's phone number
    3. Terrorist

  • Cme

    1) Fuel
    2) Jet Ski
    3) Compass

  • Cme

    1) Australian Citizenship so I will be rescued
    2) Smartphone for SOS call
    3) Low power usage games by Gameloft for never-ending entertainment.

  • Faizan

    1. A satlight phone because it works every ware
    2. Boat so I can get out
    3. Bed so sleep

  • Max collison

    I would take
    1.bear gryils (who would take him?he slept inside a camel so this is child's play)
    2.afriend(because talking to your self is stupid)
    3.a fishing rod(who know what I will catch)

  • Max collison

    I would take
    1.barbique (might be there a long time)
    2.a bottle of whisky(to drink my sorrows away)
    3.kony(because every one is looking for him)

  • Rach


  • Dianne Childs

    Eminem CD to keep me angry and motivated to survive, hubby to keep me sane, Mother-In-Law to make me want to get rescued and off the boat ASAP!

  • Ann-Marie Day

    'Wilson' (Cast Away)
    A pillow

  • Judith

    1. Snowy because canine companions are the best. They are loyal, good company, don't talk back and don't seem to mind if you are rambling on
    2. Solar powered smartphone – to call/email for help and for entertainment. There's not too much space on the boat to throw a stick (if I had one) for Snowy
    3. A never ending supply of sunscreen

  • Ros Tadd

    1. A cute man.
    2. My music.
    3. Champagne.

  • Tara N

    Rope always does well for Bear Grylls, flares to try for help, and survival books for futher clues.

  • Tara N

    A supply of fresh water
    A supply of emergency flares
    A supply of Tim Tams for while I'm waiting

  • Jeff N

    iPad – to play Angry Birds
    Angry bird – to catch me a pig
    Pig – for bacon sandwiches!

  • Caroline Kelly

    Wi-Fi connected computer to send co-ordinates for help, and find out what the latest gaming gossip through GameLoft;
    A magic genie that grants more than three wishes, and;
    With the two mentioned above, I do not require a third choice.

  • Karina

    a friend
    U get bored on an island all by yourself.

  • Sharon Fawcett

    1) A hat to keep the sun off
    2) A pair of swimming togs in case I feel like having a swim
    3) A jet engine to power the boat back to shore

  • Alicia

    1. Monopoly – always takes FOREVER to finish so would be great to pass the time.
    2. Ipod packed full of great music (and those embarrassing songs you happen to have on there).
    3. Fireworks – just as good as a flare, but more entertaining and pretty to look at!

  • Christina

    My daughter – she NEVER shuts up so at least I wouldn't be bored
    My son – the only person who can get my daughter to shut up
    My other daughter to chill out with whilst the other two are fighting over talking vs shutting up!

  • Dan Schmidt

    I’d want some oars,
    A sheet to be used for a makeshift sail,
    And a CB radio to contact help

  • Judy Schmidt

    I’d want Duct tape,
    Drift wood and matches
    I learnt a lot from Macgyver
    And could channel his survival skills!

  • Scott B

    If I was stranded on a boat i’d want a copy of War and Peace, to make the time fly buy,
    A tarpoline to keep sun/water off and a loaded flare gun, to call for help!

  • Ross

    1) iPad
    2) Sun umbrella to stop the glare on the screen
    3) A 1000 km long extension cord so I could charge it

  • Diana

    Tent, Thermal sleeping bag and a Shade sail, to keep me out of the elements, warm and cozy and not sunburned.

  • Ernie

    Fishing rod, full tackle set, and a barbeque grate. This way I'd not go hungry, while enjoying the peace and solitude of being away from the hustle and bustle of every day life.


    My laptop, an amazing wireless internet connection and man-servant, to do all the icky outdoor things to keep me fed, sheltered and watered….while I kick back and play online.

  • Jasmine

    1. Johnny Depp
    2. Ryan Gosling
    3. Channing Tatum

  • Margaret

    Id want my pile of knitting- I could finally catch up!
    Moses’ staff- he parted the water & walked to the other side,
    And some SPF 30+ sunscreen!

  • Dan Schmidt

    I’d want Jessica Watson’s book,
    A life jacket,
    And a megaphone to call for Help!

  • Carol James

    Toilet rolls ,Soap and a hair brush you need to look good when you are saved .

  • Dan Schmidt

    I’d want my Swiss army knife,
    A picture of my beautiful wife,
    And a satellite phone to tell her I’m in strife!

  • Kirsty Moir

    An outboard motor, a sail and a set of oars

  • Sri Gopalan

    The Matrix Trilogy – To try to solve the recursive question – What is really real? This should while away a lot of time.
    A set of golf clubs – can be used as oars, digging implements and maybe even play the odd game.
    The TARDIS – to get me out to anywhere in space and time of my choosing.

  • Hannah

    well a large knife, gun nylon string an axe and a few diffrent plant seeds along with a satilite phone. that way i can call for help and if i cant get any help i have the supplies i need to sustain life for a while if it was a reasonable sized island

  • Penny George

    The Tim Tam genie, a sonic screwdriver and my iPad. I could be stranded for years and still have all the comforts of home!

  • shana

    A flying carpet to take me to my destination and bypass customs. Johnny Depp just cause he's hot and funny. Credit Card to shop and pick up some souvenirs.

  • Karen

    Pamela Anderson – Not only does she have the rescue experience from baywatch but she comes with extra floatation devices…

    Flipper – A legend at rescuing people stuck out at sea!

    and one of the boys from Bondi Rescue to perform CPR if necessary – I just couldn't trust Pammy or Flipper to do a good enough job…!

  • Mick

    A tube of sealant to stop nasty leaks
    a mallet to use when complainers speak
    and third and last of all
    the book "Jaws" in case overboard I fall

  • Monica

    Disco ball
    Lava lamp
    Skipping Girl neon sign
    making sure i'm found!!

  • Cathy

    Pen ~ $1
    Paper ~ $3
    Bottle of Coke ~ $4
    Writing a letter in a bottle outlining my plight ~ PRICELESS

  • Eliud

    My iPad, peanut butter and a carton of VB

  • Jojo

    1. Unlimitted supply of Matches
    2. Tweezers to keep my eyebrows fine.
    3. My dog dozer to keep me company.

  • Renee Ballantyne

    I would like the latest issue of Cosmo, a pair of designer sunglasses and a big shady tree

  • Sparkyfarky

    Electric generator
    Air condioner

  • Jonas Haag

    If stranded i'd wish to have some duct-tape to repair any holes, and EPIRB so i can be located and although i already have food, a never ending pack of timtams! If I could get all those, I might even consider it as a holiday! :)

  • arlene smith

    Imagination; Luck; Faith;

  • melanie w

    A mirror to attract rescuers attention, a handline for fishing and a fully stocked first aid kit

  • Anthony Brown

    Me myself and I. As long as i have myself still i can dream of Gameland!

  • Sacco

    If items did include people, but I wouldn't classify my wife as an item (that would end painfully), I would take:
    1 – My wife
    2 – My dog
    3 – Bear Grylls' wife (If she's missing I'm sure he will find her, thus finding us :))

    If three items really meant three items:
    1 – Fishing Rod (great hobby and very useful).
    2 – An always sharp machete.
    3 – Water bottle.

  • Timmmmm

    An old timey news paper dated 17/12/1967 to swat the flies and for when I do get rescued I can say… "I've been floating here since the 60's looking for Harold Holt!"
    A classy tuxedo suit, when I'm lost at sea I'd rather do it in style.
    A Tophat, to complete my costume and also do magic tricks to amuse myself.

  • David Hilton

    Sands of Time (to rewind to before the situation occurred), a fish gills Plasmid (to inject myself so I can swim like a fish to land), or if these don't work, a portable Animus (so I can do my ancestor's memories until I die of dehydration). I will refuse to do the Bear Grylls enema to hydrate!

  • Ali Imran

    A gun, a lighter and a plush toy :)

  • Conor

    1. Tooth Brush and Tooth paste (I need clean teeth for my 20 seconds of fame on Nine news)

    2. My pet fish ( That will scout for land and report back)

    3. Facebook ( definitely a necessity)

  • Kevin Kelly

    Photo of the wife knowing she cant nag me here
    Supply of clean Undies

  • Darren Jackson

    Sleeping back
    coconut tree

  • T

    Michael Westen
    Idiot's Guide to Surviving in the Middle of the Ocean

  • fiona

    A GPS phone for getting rescued, a digital radio for music and my Douglas Adams book collection.

  • Dan

    1. Jonah (from the bible) because then a giant fish would come and swallow us, and spit us out on dry land.
    2. A peg to keep my nose blocked inside the fish
    3. Snowy- that little bundle of energy will keep my spirits up during our difficult and smelly journey.

  • Tara N

    A dolphin to carry me back to land and people,
    flippers so I can assist,
    some fish to thank the dolphin.

  • Tara N

    Sunscreen as I burn easily, a supply of chocolate as I'm not a seafood lover and a walking stick (but one like in a James Bond movie that has everything I could need for survival or as a weapon).

  • Bruno (Gameloft)

    Hi everyone!
    Thanks to all your great and fun submissions :)
    Contest is now finished and we will announce the 10 winners here on the blog really shortly, stay tuned!

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