The Amazing Spider-Man launch contest! – Closed

The Amazing Spider-Man is without a doubt one of the most talked about movie of the year, and we are thrilled at Gameloft to be part of the adventure with Marvel and to bring you some more fun with the official The Amazing Spider-Man game for iOS and Android.

In theatres

If you haven’t catch up yet on the movie, have a look at the below trailer. The storyline of this latest Spider-Man movie isΒ completelyΒ new and so are the actors and characters. Spidey is of course on the center stage, but it is a younger version of the famous super-hero which makes it even more interesting.

Movie has just been released across Australia, and comes in 3D: be prepared to expect some incredible action that will have you pinned to your seat! Packed with super villains The Amazing Spider-Man is THE movie to see right now.

On your devices

For us too The Amazing Spider-Man is one of the high points of the year. The latest time we published a Spidey game was Spider-Man Total Mayhem and since its release more than a year ago, game has been going from one success to another.

We are thrilled to have just released The Amazing Spider-Man which pushes the boundaries of action games. With its sandbox openworld allowing you to explore New York City in full 3D this game allows you to enjoy the characters and settings of the film like never before.

The Amazing Spider-Man is now available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices:


To celebrate this exciting release we are giving you a chance to win a The Amazing Spider-Man pack!

Pack includes a movie pass for 2 admits, and the Gameloft game on the device of your choice. There are 10 packs to grab!

How do you enter ?

Just tell us in the comments below what would you do if you were to spend a day with Spidey. :)
We will select the 10 best answers that will get the prize. The giveaway is open to Australia residents only and ends Wednesday, July 11th.

Good luck

Update – Winners!

Thanks all for all the great -and often really funny- answers!
Choice as been tough as usual, but without further ado here are the 10 winners who will receive The Amazing Spider-Man pack:

– Lucas
– Dillon
– Geoff
– Jamie
– James
– Sami
– Harry
– Sonia
– T
– Sam

Congrats! We’ll be contacting you shortly :)

  • bimbo

    I would ask him the $10 bucks he owes me back

  • MrZaco

    I would ask him to give me some of his power so i can be a super hero like him :)

  • Tim Hay

    where do i start?
    first off me and spidey would wake up and id make him take me to amsterdam where we would smoke heaps of weed "wake n bake"
    then id get him to take me to disney land in america where id probs green out on all the ride but YOLO..
    then go back to amsterdam and stay there the night πŸ˜›

  • Jake

    i would show him his new movie just to freak him out. spidermanception.

  • Lucas

    Take him to hospital for a blood transfusion, then with his blood in my veins i'd do whatever a spider can!

  • Jamie Tram

    He's a scientific genius that create thin webs which can hold cars up. He also seems to have the ability to break the laws of physics. If I took him to a laboratory for one day, he'd probably find a cure for cancer.

  • Dale Mamo

    I would get him to make me a web-swing like in one of the cartoons, then, I would get him to give me a piggy back and go swinging around the city. We would swing to the top of the Eureka Tower in Melbourne and web-shot some birds and then I would ask him if I could have a pair of web-slingers just like his! (With plenty of spare web)

  • Tim

    I'd ask him for a set of his web shooters, then we'd swing around Manhattan for a bit while beating baddies and sipping latte's, then I'd get his autograph, then dance battle him. All. Night. Long.

  • Arnacal

    ID tell him to get the original actors from the first movie and put them into the new movie instead of the new actors, then ide tell him to waste the new sh!t acTors

  • Tim

    @Arnacal, you seriously want wimpy, My-Life-Sucks Toby Miguire back?

  • Dillon

    Firstly id get him to take me to the highest building in New York where i'd jump off (and enjoy free falling) before he catches me. Then i'd get him to take me on a unique tour around the city.

  • Sean

    I would use spiderman's powers to create theme park rides like a slingshot one.

  • Geoff

    I'd ask him if he'd let me swap the day with him for a day with gwen LOLOL

  • Quincy jones

    I would hunt down Venom so I could take his alien suit and rock on with spidey

  • Jamie

    I would go site seing around manhattan and go on a stakeout with him, watch him catch some bad guys and free fall off the tallest building with a string of web tied to my foot so I don’t die

  • matthew adams

    Spidey is just extravagantly amazing! If I were to spend a day with him I would make every second count! I would get or make a telecommunication device which can transfer police reports, so we can stop the fiendish people from ruining the town. Afterwards before the day ends, I would get him to teach me some Karate moves, so one-day when I am out on the streets I am able to fight treacherous people who make the world a bad place.

  • Mustafa

    If was a girl, I would ask him to marry me. Then have children with him. Then there would be more spider men.

  • Mustafa

    And more people would save the world**

    Sry forgot to add that

  • Alex

    I would fly with with him and stop crime with him.

  • James

    Spider Man and I are so alike, seeing as I too can shoot webs, climb walls, use super strength and we are both amazing. Only difference is that I call myself Mr.Webby and have a much better costume, which is black and silver..coincedently like the new game loft logo.

    So, what I would do with him (if I win) is take a break from all that. I’d take him to the movies, grab a Spider Man combo and think about how amazing we are, whilst watching it. Then we’d swing on home and play the new spider man game together. After all of that we’d go do some crime fighting together!

    My dream day with Spider Man.

  • Callum Franciskovic

    I’d have him make me some of his web devices, go swinging around the city :)

  • Thornten

    if i saw spiderman i would ask him if he could could give me his powers

  • Isaac

    I'd get him to drop me off the tallest building in australia, then catch me
    Then go bungee jumping with his web, then just rage around the city being hardcore with him \m/

  • TimTam

    Personally, I would ask him , if he could, to give me some of his super power so I could save the day with him… Not asking for the credit of saving the world of course, just wanting to save a few people in need :D!

  • Key Mitchell

    I would go with spiderman and help him defeat the crime off the street and be his sidekick for the day. I’d also get him to take me for a ride around the city and stand on some of the highest buildings just because we can. It would be so good. πŸ˜›

  • Vincent

    I whuld show him how to play Aussie rules football then ask him for the spider that bit him so I can get bitten as well so I can have the powers as well

  • Sam

    If I were to spend the day with Spiderman I would first discuss with him the intricacies of his life and why he would rather turn into a hero than get rich…after this we would travel the world looking for crimes to stop and by the end of the day we would stop a a train full of nuns crashing into a train full of orphans and then pair those orphans up with new adoptive parents. Why? Because he’s a hero and he gets. S#*t. done.
    That is all. Thankyou

  • Sami

    I would go for a ride on him. Then I will ask him all the questions I've always wanted, "Did you find the truth about your parents?" etc. I would let him drop me then use his web to catch me. Then, I would make him get me up to the tallest building! If we meet any villains, I'm helping my friend Spidey! Oh, almost forgot. I've also GOT to try on that awesome suit.

  • Aaron

    All the times that I’ve seen Spiderman, he is busy being a hero. The poor guy must be tired from swinging around and catching crooks so I wouldn’t demand swinging through the city whilst giving me a piggy-back or watching the hero fight crime. No, I’d sit down and buy the guy a coffee and give him some long-awaited rest. After all, saving the world can get tiring.

  • Ant

    If I were to spend a day with spidey, I would introduce him to all the games and movies about him. After all, Spidey is too busy saving people's lives that he doesn't realise the games made about him. Also because he is faster than most people (obviously me), I'd probably tell him to make a sign made of web saying "Gameloft Rock!". Another thing I would do is because he's a spider, he can destroy bugs, and can also help Gameloft fix their frustrating bugs in their game quickly. Me and Spidey would help fix Gameloft's bug problems so Gameloft can relax and enjoy paradise.
    Finally, after a long day of hard work, me and Spidey would order pizza and other things in the richest restaurant (We'd get it for free because he is Spiderman) and just talk the amazing things in the Spiderman world and what should be done to improve our country. I'd probably talk about maybe starting a Spiderman academy for all the people who have experience being bitten by a spider!

  • Derek

    If I were to spend a day with Spidey, me and him would go into a large fashion store for girls. I'd give all the girls to him and I'd get the guy that cleans the toilet πŸ˜€

  • Poos

    I’d fuck him :)$? Lol jks

  • Sclargor

    If I had a day with “Spidey” I would get him to swing around New York City, holding me, so it feels like I’m flying! Then I would take him to the Yankee’s stadium and catch the ball using his web. Then, finally, I would get him to find the radioactive mutant spider, which made him into Spiderman, and become his sidekick, Arachnid Boy!

  • Ash

    I'd bring him to happy hour and when he's totally plastered I'd sit back and see how he handles drunk swinging around the city (please note though that I don't condone drink swinging).

  • Tracy Boulter

    A day with Spidey and I'd be awful sticky from following him about through his webs no doubt.

  • Jacob

    Tell him to bash the judges of this competition so they pick me to win. Then I’d buy him a drink.

  • Jason

    I would sit on the statue of liberty and play my favourite gameloft games with him. πŸ˜›

  • Ty

    I would help him catch the criminals and ask how he does it and if he is ever scared

  • John Shenoda

    If I was to spend a day with Spiderman I would do a lot of things:
    1. Get to know his family
    2. Get to know him
    3. Get to know his friends
    4. Teach him how to play sports!
    5. Teach him how to be cool!
    6. Study him to make an antidote for the spider bite.
    7. Get the same spider that bit him to bite me.
    8. Fight him!
    9. After bashing him up I would inject him with the antidote.
    10. Steal his costume and be the one and only AMAZING SPIDER-MAN!!!

  • John Shenoda

    Then I would do everything I ever saw him do

  • harry

    just swing around

  • Josh Sillick

    I would help save the universe and study everything about him then we would go get other super hero's and have a super hero party.

  • jonathan

    i have an anniversary coming up with my girlfriend and i would organize with spidey to set up the most amazing night for me and my girl with suspended candle lit dinner and relaxing in the web watching the sunset(Y)

  • Jeferson Leon

    IF I have a day with spidey, I'll bring him to every school so he can kick every bully !!!

  • Jesse Vaitkus

    I'd probably ask if he could become my lab supervisor as he's pretty darn switched on when it comes to science.

  • Huan Le

    i will introduce him to Nick Furry and Tony Stark so that he could join the avenger, and they can make another avenger movie. maybe if i get lucky i can be in the movie :) after that, i will ask him to teach me how to use his web shooting things, and ask him to clean the webs on the walls at my house.

  • Faris Elrayes

    I would first ask him to show me the lab where he got his spider bite. If it was the origanal spider-man then I would find the same spider that bit Peter and let it bite me. If it was the new spider-man then I would steal one spider from oscorp and let that one bite me. If he refused then I would spend the day trying to help him fight crime and hopefully save his life (if possible) untill he trusted me enough to give them to me.

  • Amanda Gorton

    Weave a WEB to catch myself a MAN!

  • kerry santillo (@Gherkkerry)

    I would get spidey to show me his moves, how to make spider webs from his wrists and check if he only has four limbs instead of eight!!

  • Sonia

    I would take him home and let him hang out with his 2 biggest fans, my kids. That should be enough to get me into the best nursing home EVER!

  • Anthony Edge

    I think it would be pretty harsh to take the crime fighter away from his work. So I'd meet him somewhere stereotypically overrun with crime, like New York. I'd get a bunch HD head cams, don some goggles and harness up. With me securely attached to Spidey via one of those Tandem Parachute harnesses and the cameras rolling, I'd like to just go swinging – passenger style. Naturally the HD footage would make for some sweet memories of this awesome thrill ride… and I might make some bucks selling bluray copies of it too πŸ˜‰

  • Alice

    I'll get Spiderman to make me spiderweb panty hose in order to show him he spiderweb is not just for him to use as a transpoartation (swing around) tool!

  • Ladi Lena

    I’d bring him home and get him to do all my household chores…let’s see how AMAZING he really is!

  • Kathleen

    Well ive never been to New York before so id say 'Spider-man show me as much of new york as possible in one day'. And finish off the day by sitting on top of the statue of Liberty eating pizza.

  • SLUT

    Its a movie

  • KP

    Go find Uncle Ben's killer.and then kill him. Then go meet up with Gwen, sick day.

  • jessica fay

    do a film of him moving around and climbing so that I could implement it into a game or story.Then I would bring my nephews out and have some fun doing shoot the web games and getting rolled up and carried.

  • Daniel Yates

    I would get Spidey, to help me make my very own costume, and teach me how to make the webshooters, and we would spend the rest of the day web-slinging and catching bad guys.

  • Paul

    With spidey I would start my own bunjy jumping company, mission it up to a tall building and with an unlimited supply of “bunjy cord” via my business partner we’d have huge profits rolling in. No need to that daily bugle job or having to deliver pizza!

  • Wesley Ung

    I'd sit down with him at a coffee store and console him (from being rejected from the Avengers).

  • Erwin

    24 hours with my best mate Spidey will consist of a whole day's worth of activities such as:

    A few hours at the Comedy Festival and get him up on stage to throw some witty jokes at the audience.
    On another stage at the Opera House re-enacting 'Les Miserables' using his shower-singing voice talent.
    Enter the X-Factor and try a duo act a puppeteers with him being the dummy! πŸ˜›
    Busking on the city streets of Melbourne using a makeshift violin and guitar made of web strings.
    Slinging up Uluru the "fastest"way! πŸ˜‰
    Water skiing on the Gold Coast, of course we only need a speed boat!
    Diving into the ocean to collect fish and muscles for dinner later that night, his web-sack will come in handy.
    And finally, after a long stroll down the beach of Hamilton Island as the sun set, we'd rock on the web-hammock he builds between two coconut trees. …ahhhh. :) Unforgetable :)

  • Dan

    I’d release all the villains from jail, and while Spiderman was preoccupied I’d make my move on Gwen Stacey (Emma Stone).

  • Jason

    Stop at hungry jacks and feed him till his a fat spidey and kidnap Gwen while his too fat to chase me.

  • Amanda777

    First we would swing through new York city cos you have to do that, than I would get him to weave a web between two towers where we could sit and eat pizza than it&apos;ll start raining as I&apos;m walking home and I would walk into a bunch of rapists who he&apos;ll see and fight them off for me than he&apos;ll slowly come down from the building and give me an upside down kiss <333 and than he&apos;ll web me home with him πŸ˜€ but on the way back home he sees another defenceless person being mugged so he drops me off on top of a building and than goes down into the alleyway to rescue the person being mugged and while he&apos;s doing that I would find a crowbar (or something) than find my way down the fire escape and help spidey fight off the muggers by hitting the last guy standing in the back of the head with my crowbar, after that crime fighting we would finally get back to my house where he would reveal his secret identity to me because he wants me to know the real him and than he would say "I&apos;m just your friendly neighbour spiderman" and leap out my apartments window to go do some more crime fighting. The end πŸ˜€

  • Kelvin Huang

    i would show him the gameloft world including all the games n my ipad and let him see how realistic the game spidey looks compared to him! And…. show my SUPERPOWERS in the game. and boast "WOOHHOO NOW I HAVE SPIDEYS BODY AND POWERS "while playing the game.he could maybe cry though :(

  • Michael Potter

    I&apos;d give him a Parker pen and he&apos;d show me some cool sites on the web. Once the sick jokes were out of the way we&apos;d go on a pub crawl with my mates. It would be awesome!

  • Tayla

    I&apos;d teach him about music then we could jam together. With his speed he would make an AWESOME drummer!

  • Quang Lee

    if i was to have one day with spiderman. Then i would get him to show me all his cool stuff and hideout. Maybe if he is generous he might let me have one of his webshooters. He might also let me have a costume.
    then i would bite him and become MAN-SPIDER-MAN.

  • Anh-Thu Ly

    if i was to have a day with spiderman. then i would ask him to wear a pink tutu with a silver tiara, and ask him to swing around the city. then id ask him to change his hairstyle because i think it&apos;s ugly.

  • Noureddine Chamma

    If I would spend a day with spider I would spend every millisecond to enjoy what is an extremely rare moment which I would cherish deeply :)

  • Jackson Payne

    I would climb up a building with him and jump from roof to roof. Make him teach me how to do the tricks he does. Help him in an adventure and beat up the bad guys!

  • Rob Cunning

    If I was to spend a day with Spider-Man I would get him to create a massive web at the bottom of the Eureka Tower then I would proceed to freefall face first down it, if the wind happened to move me away from the web Spider-Man would of course swing past and save me.

  • Lewis Freeman

    If i were to spend a day with Spiderman, I would go to the movies and watch the Amazing Spiderman, then to the local comic book store and then spend the rest of the day swinging around.

  • Daniel Nguyen

    If I were to spend a whole day with Spidey, this is a list of what I MUST do with him (warning! spoilers):
    1) Swing around New York city and jumping off the highest buildings and him catching me.
    2) Get a hot dog, donuts, sodas and have lunch at the top of the Empire State Building.
    3) Visit Peter&apos;s high school library and say hi to Stan Lee. Hang out with him a little bit and advise him to pay attention to his surroundings, especially when he is walking around with headphones on πŸ˜€ (watch the movie to understand what I mean by that)
    4) Visit Parker&apos;s house and greet Aunt May (of course under disguise of Peter&apos;s high school classmate). Check out Spidey&apos;s room and the basement where he developed his web-shooters and costume. Also make some new cool looking skateboards and get to Oscorp on them.
    5) At the Oscorp building we find Gwen Stacy. Greet her and ask her to show around the Oscorp facility ( and at the same time secretly find the room with the enhanced mutated spiders and take one or two of them so I could also get the Spider powers).
    6) Ask Spidey to take me to Stan Lee&apos;s apartment in New York in which he is temporarily living and hang out there for a little bit.
    7) Go to the Asylum where Dr Connors and Felicia are being kept. Ask Connors who was the guy that he talked to at the after credits. Hang out with Felicia, cause she is HOT!
    8) Have another quick snack at the top of Statue of Liberty.
    9) Watch the "Amazing Spider-Man" at the cinema with the largest screen.
    10) Give Spidey my phone number and email in case something happens or if he needs my help (or even becoming a sidekick after gaining super powers from the stolen mutated spiders at Oscorp).

  • Daniel Campbell-Jones

    If I had a day with spidey, I’d go to bank robberies and crime scenes and tack down the guys that did it, I’d love to go flying through a city on webs looking for “Bad Guys” and I would also ask him to do some tricks while swinging from webs with me, that’d be so fun! I’d also like to go site seeing hanging off a helicopter or something! Having a day with Spiderman would be the best day ever

  • Mark

    I would eat da spider and i would become MAN-SPIDER before the day i will meet him and then we would have a super duel fight!


  • T

    Have a fight with him with a can of Mortein or Raid.

  • Andrew

    Myself and spidie would get matching spider costumes do some hero web stuff then post it on YouTube for all to rate

    Evening of course I would own spider in online o.r.b.I.t

    Oh and also say hi to gwen stacey

  • Bruno (Gameloft)

    Hi guys, contest is now closed.
    Thanks all for your great answers, we will be announcing the 10 winners shortly, stay tuned!

  • Kelvin Huang

    ok! thank you Bruno!

  • Nitin

    Best movie error

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