Ice Age Village Continental Drift Update

Ice Age: Continental Drift is finally in theaters (you should run see it if you haven’t already-it’s awesome!) & to celebrate this awesome occasion, we’re updating Ice Age Village with a special “Continental Drift” update!
It’s chock-full of great new content. Sound good? Then head over to the App StoreGoogle Play to update now… Or you can read on for all the deets on this fun-tastic new update!

Two million years ago, an earth-shattering event changed the landscape of the earth forever… One greedy little saber-toothed squirrel by the name of Scrat placed his treasured acorn in the snow. But it wasn’t just snow… it was ice! What followed sent all of the animals on a journey to establish a new home for themselves in the middle of the ocean.

And your village is no different! It’s been set adrift on an iceberg and there’s a new threat in town, Pirates! That’s right, the crazy pirates from Ice Age 4 just landed near your village & are bringing mayhem with them. Just tap the ship and have some hardy-har-har giggles listening to their jokes!

After that crazy squirrel broke up the continents, new creatures started popping up all over the place. One such species, the fearsomely giant crab, is just a tap away. Well, it’s not so huge, but it’s definitely fearsome! Plus your village’s Diego-Poo will be happy to learn that there are new tigers in town… the “awww”-inspiring White Saber-Tooth Tigers!

Plus, let’s not forget that in Ice Age Village, one silly thing per day keeps the boredom away! And this update will keep the good times rolling with tons of new fun buildings to keep your herd entertained 24/7.

We just cranked Ice Age Village up to 11! That’s right, these speakers can go to 11! What are we talking about you ask? Levels friend, 60 to be exact. Still don’t get it? Well, if your an IAV addict and have maxed out your village you can now strive to be the ultimate Ice Age Village player by working your way up to level 60! Plus, we’ve also increased the size of your village. So start expanding because your village can be twice the size as before… What could be better news than that?

Well, did you notice some new characters in Ice Age: Continental Drift? That’s right, Louis & Granny have decided to stop by your village to spice things up! These two are in over their heads with the new challenges that this update brings. Help them in their quests and we guarantee you’re going to have a blast!

Looking for more friends to visit in IAV? Now you can add random villages as neighbors and get more gifts,<3s, & inspiration each time you visit! So start showing the love for some extra crunchy exclusive items & prizes.

What are you still doing here? Hurry on over to the store and update your game on iPhone, iPad, & Android and share your love for the game on ourIce Age Village Facebook page!

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  • Lozinozz

    Love the update but not the price of increasing the village. Why has it gone up so much?

  • Matilda2

    Ice Age has stalled at the opening pagte on my iPad. There is a message on the gameloft site that says they know about this problem for Androiods but my iPad is not an Android, it is an Apple 2. Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem. I am not on Facebook or any of the other options and can&apos;t find a contact page for Gameloft to find out directly from them. Any help will be appreciated. Matilda2

  • Bruno

    0I&apos;ve tried using some of the gameloft tiltes on my samsung vibrant such as Nova, Hero of Sparta, and the gangstar game. They seemed to work at first but a few minutes in my phone started freaking out, the game would stop, my phone would go black and the only aspect of my phone that responded were the softkeys but they would do nothing beyond lighting up. I had to remove the battery to restart my phone and even on multiple restarts my phone would load really slow and then go black again. I found that I had a race against time to go into the application menu and uninstall the games before the phone would go black and lock up. After numerous tries I finally got all of the games uninstalled from my phone and after a final restart the phone started to act normally again. I contacted gameloft with the issues I was having, they sent me two links to download updated versions of the hero of sparta and gangstar game that they claimed shouldn&apos;t cause problems. I redownloaded those specific tiltes, installed and, like before, they seemed to be working fine at first but they still eventually caused my phone to brick on me forcing me to, once again, have to quickly uninstall them as my phone was loading its usual software from a hard restart. My hope is that gameloft will work harder to fix the problems and maybe when my vibrant finally gets the 2.2 OS update it will be better suited to run these more high-end games.

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  • amber

    since installing last update on my ipad the game won&apos;t open same as Matilda2 missing the Christmas version, please update with bug fixes

  • Pauline

    I am also unable to play this game since installing the last update. Can you please let us know when this will be fixed?