[Closed] The Dark Knight Rises launch contest!

The Dark Knight is back in cinemas with the epic conclusion of the Batman trilogy from Christopher Nolan, and we are super excited to be part of the adventure of one of our favourite superhero, with the release of the only game based on The Dark Knight Rises.

In cinemas

In The Dark Knigh Rises, Batman (Christian Bale) has been hibernating for 8 years, since the end of events of the last movie, The Dark Knight. He is tortured by his inability to have saved Rachel as well as Gotham’s White Knight, District Attorney Harvey Dent. Gotham City is now about to face a new form of evil, one that would make The Dark Knight return to save his city once again.

Movie is now released all across Australia and New Zealand, and we won’t be telling you to go see it because.. well, you obviously will ^^

Check out this interview with the director:

On your devices

We are happy to bring you the only game based on the film, on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Game has been released today on the different stores and it will have you fully immersed in the film plot thanks to likenesses for all the movie’s main characters.

The Dark Knight Rises Game

•  Dozens of missions plus random events will make you feel all the thrill of being a superhero. Deal with hostage situations, bomb squads, jailbreaks and car chases to prove that you’re the true protector of Gotham.
• A thrilling fighting system that puts you right in the heart of the action thanks to many different moves and cinematic effects.
• Collect items hidden within the city to unlock upgrades and new fighting skills for Batman. special content.

The Dark Knight Rises Game

The Dark Knight Rises Game

The Dark Knight Rises Game

In the Dark Knight Rises game you’ll explore the whole city of Gotham and its different districts spread across a huge map and enjoy stunning graphics for total immersion in the dark universe of Batman.



To celebrate this exciting release we are giving you a chance to win a Dark Knight Rises pack!

Pack includes a movie pass for 2 admits, and the Gameloft game on the device of your choice. There are 10 packs to grab!

How do you enter ?

Just tell us in the comments below what weapon/vehicle/gadget should be added to Batman’s gear  :)
We will select the 10 best answers that will get the prize. The giveaway is open to Australia residents only and ends Friday, July 27th.

Good luck


Thanks all for your great answers! As always it has been hard to pick the 10 best ones!

Here are the winners (we will contact you shortly):

Daniel Wholohan
Adele Smith
Roberto Colombi
Shelley P
Rachith Jayawardana
Matt Crethar

Congrats to all of you :)


  • Harry An

    I think you guys need the lazer cannon, so we can use it to destroy the buildings~

  • Sami

    There should be a gadget where The Dark Knight can shoot out a "homing missile" type of device. This device can be set to any position that is recorded. When The Dark Knight sets it will automatically fly to that position. This device has high quality sensors that will prevent it from colliding with any other objects. The device will "stick" to that object with some suction pads that cannot be removed unless taken out in a certain way or if The Dark Knight deactivates the device with his remote. Once the device is set it can turn invisible with a special material rising up to refract the light. The sensors will stay on and if any moving object goes too close to it will automatically slide or drop off, making sure it does not come in contact with the person/moving object. When the device is set, The Dark Knight can wear these high tech goggles that allow The Dark Knight to see the view from the device's camera. The Dark Knight can turn this "Eye" around to look around the place. While looking around, The Dark Knight can also set the device to go to any place within view of the "Eye." This would be great for spying on the enemies and be one step ahead of them!
    This device can also be used to move other devices. For example, this could be equipped to the "Batarang" to control it or direct it to places to attack the enemies with the element of surprise!

  • Aaez

    I think batman should get a sort of tank machine so he can destroy his biggest threats and also he should have a awesome cloacking device to sneak into buildings.

  • Roberto Colombi

    Spring Loaded shoes – time he leapt tall buildings with a single bound and not be left befind by that red underpants wearer!

  • Ash

    He took a bad beating on his back in this movie so I think he needs a steel back brace incorporated into his suit to prevent his back being broken next time!

  • Marie Pohnetalova

    An Invisibility cloak – if it's good enough for that Pipsqueak Harry Potter it's good enough for Bruce!

  • Matt Crethar

    Ever since I saw the original Adam West 1966 Batman movie I have always found a few of his gadgets humorous. So I am going to say that Shark Repelent would make a fine addition to Batman’s gadgets.

  • Mr Edge

    An eject button, for that heavy, complicated batsuit. Cause you don’t want to keep the ladies waiting.

  • Rachith Jayawardana

    Batman is one of the most amazing yet realistic superheroes with no real super powers what so ever and if he were to have another gadget then it would be a gadget that would act like a superpower. I believe batman should be able to communicate with bats and use swarms of bats during battles to distract the opponent or even to attack them. To do this I propose a tiny microphone connected to a sonic emmiter embedded near the nose of the batman mask which will translates verbal English into sound waves that will be comprehensive to bats; this way when ever Bruce needs to extricate himself from a tight situation he will simply be able to summon bats and instruct them on what needs to be done. Now batman will finally be able to talk to bats.

  • Anmol Raheja

    He should have the sonar sense type weapon, like in the 2nd movie the dark knight he used to find the location of the joker and also have a taser so he can shock the enemy.

  • Michael Lee

    an iphone

  • Shiwantha

    A laser pointer; my cat chases that red light as if it is her job. How much easier would it be for Bruce to lure Catwomen right into his arms if he had one?

  • Chazzzzzi

    So what does Batman need? Batman seriously needs a jetpack so that he wont have to waste time gliding around and using his grapling hook bat. But what do we need? Possibly, eventhough it may be quite unlikely; being able to drive the Batmobile in an Asphalt 7 update. PLEAAAASE. BYE BYE. I LOVE YOU GAMELOFT!!!!

  • Wayne


  • behelit

    An Android tablet

  • Jaclyn

    A lightsaber! Of course it'd be a blacklight version to suit the rest of Bat's arsenal. All you need to make him the pinnacle of perfection.

  • Jason

    He needs a first aid kit, he can treat himself on the spot rather then going back to the batcave and passing out on the spot.

  • Kiran

    Night vision goggles

  • James

    I think batman should have a tranquilizer gun which shoots a truth serum, so whenever he yells "where is he?" or "wheres the detonator?" they will tell him haha

  • Scott

    Seeing what Batman was and is to come through the comics, cartoons and TV series. Batman gets more gadgets and sidekicks (including other superheroes) in the future and has had some in the past (even Catwoman!) So, as much as he can, and even though crime doesn't take a holiday…what Batman needs most is a HOLIDAY!!! Maybe his other Superhero freinds can cover for him for a week…Then he can fight crime better than ever!!

  • Dylan Mitchell

    Temporary Electric Barrier on his armour, anyone trying to Attack that gets 20,000 volts… Somehow I don't think even Bane is going to shake that off.

  • Daniel

    Well I think for starters Batman should have boots that allow him to climb on walls because sometimes when hes in the darkness it would be easy and more effective if he could climb on top of the ceiling and drop down on his foes and tie them up to the ceiling to attract attention to other enemy's so he could kill them one by one so I think it would be very effective, another thing would be jump boosters as well which would allow him to jump from building to building even ones with huge gaps.

  • Hadley Barton

    Batman would definately need an EMP device which would destroy all electronics in the area. Since Batman always sticks to the dark, only to show himself when he is about to strike, the EMP device would destroy all the lights, covering the area in darkness… which is a Bats best friend!

  • Daniel Charlton

    Ocourse the only if not essential thing batman should have is a jetpack to boost him up on the air. Time to upgrade from a grapple hook i think! :-)

  • Nafil Lukman Saad

    Batman already have a lot of good stuffs. To make him win every time he need Clock/Time Stopper! so he can enjoy go everywhere and beat everyone.

  • lisa sofoulis

    Batman needs to find himself a woman and carry on the legacy with little bat babies.Also a space ship,so he can fight crime in other galaxies.

  • Rasit Aslim

    To be honest, Batman needs a gadget that will disarm his opponents weapon. Although that might cut all the action scenes, it’s still something useful for him to carry.

  • cameron morrall

    Batman needs to have his mic back that controls his vehicle to return to him

  • Tara N

    He would do well with the Matador car from The Man With The Golden Gun which transformed into a plane, and if that could be merged with the Batmobile it would be perfection.

  • Rami

    Batman should have a sonic batarang as it can distract enemies and can activate electrical switches :-)

  • christine speight

    He needs an all-in-one weapon that can stun , maim or kill (like a Star Trek phaser) but it only responds to him with a hand imprint so it can't fall into enemy hands

  • Ivan Wheelwright

    Google Vision Glasses, then they wouldn't need to flash that oversized batman signal warning the bad guys, added bonus, he can be on the toilet and get the bat signal.

  • Christina

    Just to confuse the enemy – rapid-fire wrist web shooters, just like Spiderman has. No-one will see them coming…

  • Daniel Wholohan

    Batman need a holographic mimic device. It projects the image of what ever it’s attached to I.e batman 20 ft in front and copy what ever movements it makes. Good for escapes, confusion and protecting the innocent.

  • Brendan

    A submarine. That would be so handy when Gotham was isolated from the mainland. And imagine all the weapons that can be attached to that, from homing missiles to mounted machineguns for above-water use. Can’t say no to a sleek, black batman-designed submarine!

  • Kristina

    The iPad or Batpad, essential to every modern day hero… Perhaps even a Bat App and I can see the benefits of Fruit Ninja keeping his senses and reflexes up to scratch

  • Harry an

    I really hope you guys could add a lazer rpg so we can destroy everything like building etc.

  • Barry

    I think a Bat-Pack would be awesome, it could be a jet pack, and also contain lots of Bat gadgets like, forensic gear, defensive equipment (electric brass knuckles – to take enemies down fast, smoke pellets), remote control device for all Bat vehicles – that can lock in to the Bat-Packs signal when needed in a hurry, back-up Bat suit to be ready in a hurry or civilian clothes to disappear quickly into the crowd.

  • ashton

    BATNIP! it should give him insane vision, where you can see through walls and can hear noises from a long way away.

  • Sean

    Batarang trip wire. Its two batarangs with a wire placed at the bottom with on rotating hooks so it stays in place. It can but used to incapacitate Batman's enemies.

  • lex

    Batman should have a multiple lock-on remote control batarangs that lock onto a target and follow them until the target is hit then when they hit it splits in two and wraps around the target then can go knock-out smash them. Those would be awesome. 😀

  • T

    A nail gun. There's nothing more satisfying than shooting this baby at the baddies.

  • Louisa Marinelli

    Batman needs a space station with surveillance for every camera in the world and it has to have a plasma cannon on it

  • Jack

    The batmobile (movie version)

  • RockKill3r

    Jason Bourne so batman can be entertained once in a while

  • Indra Arifin

    Blackberry. It's about time this struggling phonemaker pull their last string and join their 'blacks' with the 'darks'.

  • Geoff

    Batman just needs a real weapon like a gun or sword 😛 ahah it would save him a lot of time instead of having to physically fight with each of his enemies which have weapons when he doesn't

  • Prasuk Jain

    Batman needs a Time Bending Gadget that allows him to see everything in slow motion and perform necessary action. It does not allow him to move in time or space and doesn't allow to move faster. He simply is able to act on every attack on him.

  • http://gameloft S Cooper

    A BFF – Bat Force Field. He should have one to protect him from the baddies who wanna kick his butt like Bane.
    Heros need protection. There aren’t too many left!!!

  • Aladin Altaq

    i think the dark knight needs some sort of devices equipped to his cloak:
    – a temporary invisibility function to sneak up on people
    – mini jet engines at the bottom to help with higher jumps( can be also put on bottom of boots)
    Other things The Dark Knight can be equipped with are things like the Bat Gun, which can shoot mini Batarangs at higher speeds and more accuracy. And the Dark Knight needs a sidekick!
    love GAMELOFT

  • Caleb

    I think Batman should have a Bat launcher that shoots out bats or any weapons that come out of it. If you listen and give me the pack and game on my ipod touch. I will be very happy.
    love Gameloft

  • Daniel Tyson

    Gotta be the Shark Repellant from the 60's Batman movie. The darker Nolan Batman definitely needs more 60's campishness

  • Matt Murphy

    Bat-tazer. To stunt the enemies so you can attack them easily without needed to rely on counter-attack! (Limited use though)

  • Andrew Antoniou

    Batius-Maximus a Bat Butt that he throws on the ground releasing a toxic gas that paralyses anyone who smells it :3

  • Patrick

    He should have a customized watch, which can display the bat signal, and it should also have lasers built in. The watch on the outside looks like any ordinary and expensive timepiece, however no other watch is like the inside of this one.

  • Jamie Tram

    I reckon a good sidekick (Robin, hint hint) would help Batman kick ass, alongside all his handy gadgets. Man, I want a Bat.

  • Adele Smith

    Duct tape. If Macgyver can mend,create & outsmart criminal with it imagine what Batman could do!

  • Brian Loi

    I would say a HUD for the mask would be cool

  • fiona

    The Baton of course! If it's good enough for our police uniformed crusaders, it's good enough for Batman.

  • fiona

    The Baton of course! If it's good enough for our police uniformed crusaders, it's good enough for Batman.

  • fiona

    The Baton of course! If it's good enough for our police uniformed crusaders, it's good enough for Batman.

  • fiona

    The Baton of course! If it's good enough for our police uniformed crusaders, it's good enough for Batman.

  • fiona

    The Baton of course! If it's good enough for our police uniformed crusaders, it's good enough for Batman.

  • Joshua Phillips

    Something that makes witnesses forget crime scenes, (I.e: a Nerualiser)

  • Patrick Rahme

    He needs that x ray vision thing in his mask he had from the the dark knight that was awesome To see where his victims are at very dark areas

  • jessica fay

    He needs a power up tablet to rejuvenate his strength and a dark magic weapon that he can summons like a dragon or dark monster,he activates the signal and they appear to help out.

  • Jasmine1485

    He's got it pretty well covered, after all, isn't that what Batman's famous for? Always being prepared? Possibly he could benefit from a pocket on his utility belt to hold a snack, maybe a juice box to keep his energy up.

  • Paulo

    A Tazer

  • Jackie

    Batman already has an impressive arsenal of high tech weaponry and gadgets. But in the films, he lacked gadgets that displayed his ability as a tactician. He never really showed himself as a master planner when taking down thugs. What would be a good gadget, would be modified Batarangs that emit a sound that would be natural, such as a loud object crashing to the ground or a stair creaking. A thug would investigate the sound and Batman could simply take him out in seconds. This would show Batman’s ability to not just take out thugs in hand to hand combat, but also demonstrate his intelligence and logical thinking.

  • Alexandra M

    Goggles that allow him to see his enemies naked. That way he won't be nervous when he has to attack them and will have a little chuckle instead!

  • Jamie

    I reckon what he needs is the electrical gun from arkham city because he can not only distract enemies but also frighten them and for his head he needs the heat seeing goggles Mr Freeze uses in arkham city allowing him to keep out of danger a bit more

  • Shaman

    Bat guano – to complete the bat man, and to give to enemies as a parting gift

  • Erwin

    There's really no other weapon that the Bat needs, but what he should really have on his vehicle is a Krispe Kreme machine to make doughnuts for him when his on the field in between crime fighting! There's nothing better than fresh warm krispe kreme doughnuts on a beautiful dark night. And also add a slurpy machine for hot summer nights or a hot choco machine as well. Mmmmm…. *drools*

  • Peta

    he needs like lassie as his side kcik so he dont have to worry bout catwoman gettin close

  • Mahamad Mukhtar

    Ummm my choice will be tazer gun/ batman jet/ holographic gadget so he can create decoys

  • Merwyn

    The Dark Knight should have a weapon that allows him to call his vehicular transport to him and a weapon that sonically disables the hearing of opposition through
    "echolocation" and "sonar" but at an audible high frequency level

  • http://blog.gameloft.com.au/index.php/2012/07/06/the-amazing-spider-man-launch-contest/.com John Shenoda

    A watch that allows him to travel in time and pause it, speed forward, or go back.

  • Tim

    Batman needs a bat-fishing rod so when he needs to break into a build all he needs to do is lower his fishing line and hook the keys off the dimwitted baddie who is conveniently guarding the establishment. It can also double as a fishing rod on the weekends for, you know, actually fishing.

  • Imran Khan

    well i guess an ipad or an iphone (for portability) apart from the normal things he could use it to control all his gadgets and batmobile remotely, and load it with all his favourite games i mean a guy needs something to take his mind off chasing criminals! he could catch a movie watch or a tv show or read a book while an app will monitor police chatter for any criminal activities. a specialised gps system to chart his route to the crime scene. instant cctv feeds i mean possibilities are endless!!

  • Shelley P

    A car like Kit! The Batmobile is cool and all but talking cars are cooler!

  • jamie

    to continue with my other comment he needs is the ice bomb mr freeze uses, but once you throw, if you throw it again that one self detonates and also the gel bomb from arkham city.

  • Paul B

    Ever been stuck in traffic and the Bat car and motorcycle are in the shop for repairs? Why not use the Bat Monster truck….. no traffic issues anymore :) and a awesome way to show you mean business and looking cool at the same time

  • Justin Kane

    The one thing that I can see is missing from this game is the presence of the Tumbler. I was really looking forward to hopping into that beast but oh well. Also I would have liked to have seen a new batuist, I mean the one form the dark knight is a little old, I'm sure some unique gizmos could have been fitted to the cowl, like the listening device from batman begins or the sonar vision from the dark knight.

  • Terry Uong

    Cloaking device that enemies cant detect the batman with thermal vision or night vision.

  • christine williams

    Batman needs his enemies to make first contact by phone where Centrelink employees will direct them as to which forms they can fill out to contact Batman. Not only will the lose the will to fight, but also the will to live.

  • Simeon Bain

    Batman should redeploy the sonar device that he had in The Dark Knight that allows him to see through walls and map out buildings. It was one of the coolest bits of The Dark Knight!

  • Ryan Fernance

    Batman needs an Adam West signal so he can call the greatest Batman of all time to help him! Have Adam West confuse the enemies with his 60s style of detective work while Bales Batman brings down the hammer!

  • Maxim Oddoux

    A great asset for Batman would be a divice that would instead neutralising technologe, activating it, Mobiles Ringing, Lights turning on, Tv starting up, ect, to cause a somewhat distraction.

  • Gagan

    I’d like to see the blasting gel in the game , motorbike which can expand with guns on side

  • Thornten

    Batman needs to be able to drive the batmobile so he can patrol gotham. and putting in some different costumes from like the previous batman movies

  • Monica Scurlock

    Batman skincare, aftershave and deoderant range…great weapons to win over the females!!

  • Omar

    Who doesn't like infrared laser? No one! Imagine IL (infrared laser) exiting a beautifully hand-made black bat-themed car with huge and heavy wheels. Wow. If only. And to top it off, the next-generation gadget, made for the purpose of controlling a mini-helicopter to scavenger Gotham City! You can find the bandits etc. That would definitely then make it a no brainer to buy the game.
    Good luck Gameloft!!!

  • Clint Devlin

    Have to go with classic Adam west batman here, his whole arsenal of sprays, ranging from anti shark spray to anti lion spray lol. Would bring back fond memories

  • Ratna

    I believe the batman is amazing, he is perfect so far as a realistic hero. I dont wanna see him more fake by adding extra weapon and gadget, just imagine how much weight a man can carry and able to use when needed. You add more stuff you will become more fake in real world. just keep in mind we like him being more real!!! And i think that’s why it’s ending otherwise you would have gone 7 8 parts.

  • alphonso

    an invisiblitiy suit?

  • sabi

    I think he should have a weapon in which there is some kind of gas that disorientates the enemy so they cant see and stuff kind of like the one scarecrow had and they can be in little gas bombs or he can an air strike like thing to deploy it so he can use it on big numbers of enemies. But the enemies don't die from it cause batman is against all that stuff.

  • Tom fitzsimmons

    Bat man has some cool gadgets like his suit car bikes graple tools and hover chopper. The stuff gets put to good use with the vehicles having blast cannons on them for clearing paths, batman almost has it all bullet proof and fights without a gun so that is not an option for upgrading the armory. Batman should add to his gear a bat chattering device witch can change his voice to speak to bats to do his bidding and listen to them as they report on sightings of villans, attack them and use the hendra viris bite on the most evil conspiritors!

  • Pavan


  • Koby Jordan

    Rocket boots… Just like Astro Boy. So, so many uses for them. Fly, burn holes through enemies, toast smores etc

  • Koby Jordan

    Rocket boots… Just like Astro Boy. So, so many uses for them. Fly, burn holes through enemies, toast smores etc

    This entry has the correct email address, sorry about that. Doh

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