Gameloft, Discovery Channel, and WildAid celebrate Shark Week

It’s Shark Week‘s 25th Anniversary and we here at Gameloft have partnered with Discovery Channel and WildAid to combat the overfishing of sharks and trade of shark fin products.

Their fins are cut off to answer the demand for shark fin products with their bodies being dumped back to the sea. Let us contribute to shark conservation and prevent their extinction!

Because of this, we’d like to ask everyone to join the movement and sign the petition over at Say NO to shark fin soup!

Plus, we have awesome new stuff for Shark Dash players:

For iOS Shark Dashers

We announced in Facebook and Twitter that Shark Dash became free last weekend. Hope you were able to download! For those who have Shark Dash on their iOS devices, you can update your game to gain access to exclusive Shark Week content.

Shark Week Content for iOS

QR Code:

For Android Shark Dashers

You can download the free Shark Dash Live Wallpaper for your Android phone available in Google Play!

Free Shark Dash Live Wallpaper

QR Code:

But if you wish to donate, you can also buy the “fintastic” skin for Sharkee and its proceeds will go to WildAid to help fund for the protection of sharks.


Thank you so much for helping in our cause. Download Shark Dash and unlock your Shark Week content.

Sharkee says thanks!

  • Rachith Jayawardana

    In my opinion I don’t believe that shark fin shop should be said no to; dont get me wrong ill never eat it, but for the people that do an those that fish these sharks if they at least tried to fish conservatively and did more to bring shark populations back up after a fishing season then this problem would not exist. BTW I love the game Shark Dash!!! Lovely little mini-game from Gameloft. Keep up the great work. LUV ya GAMELOFT!!!!!!!!!!!!