Elly Awesome of AppChat plays Modern Combat 5: Blackout!

The ever-awesome Elly Awesome of AppChat plays Modern Combat 5: Blackout. See how she does and find out what’s her verdict by hitting play below or going to her Youtube channel. Elly does a lot of tech, gadgets, app reviews, and even random vids like her eating American junk food. so if you love her [...]

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Meet the characters in Modern Combat 5: Blackout


So previously we talked about the different soldier classes you can choose in Modern Combat 5: Blackout. This time, the teaser’s going to be more about the characters and a little peek on their personal background. When Caydan Phoenix lost his wife, he chose taking care of his infant daughter, Lily, over his career. But [...]

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Game Preview: Upcoming Puzzle-RPG game Dungeon Gems


Get ready to take the Puzzle-RPG genre to a whole new level with our upcoming iOS and Android title Dungeon Gems! Meet the heroes that will assist you in your journey through Dungeon Gems. They control the elements Fire, Water, Wood, Dark, and Light. If some of you guys are at E3 right now, we’re going to [...]

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Modern Combat 5 – Classes In Session!


So two weeks ago we pulled back the veil on the latest installment in the Modern Combat series, Modern Combat 5: Blackout.  We talked about about how players will be able to play through an intense and dynamic solo campaign.  This single player mode will feature short missions that offer a diversity of gameplay situations [...]

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First look of the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Mobile Game!


Hey, Spidey fans! Here’s a preview of The Amazing Spider-Man 2′s official mobile game. Featuring a massive open-world New York, become Spider-Man in a combo-focused, action-packed adventure! It’s all about web-slinging, wall-crawling, and fluid aerobic combat on your smartphone/tablet. Ready yet? And check out the sneak previews of the special Spider-Man suits: Symbiote Spider-Man, Ultimate [...]

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